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Welcome to the Ran When Parked Podcast Wiki

A Wiki detailing the episodes of the podcast.and other related information.

Show Information

Ran When Parked is a show and podcast started by ConeDodger240, KurtJMac, and ZeeKay in April of 2019. The show is released on Cone's YouTube Channel and on Podcast platforms every other Wednesday at 2PM Eastern.


ConeDodger240 - Records, edits, and produces the YT version of the show, and generally supports bad ideas.

KurtJMac - Long time friend of Cone's, invited on the show to provide one line zingers and interesting cars from the West Coast.

ZeeKay - Friend of Cone's, invited on the show to provide an insight into the world of a person ever consumed by too many projects.


A list of episodes including a breakdown of each one.

The current scores in the 'Best Ad' section.

Cast Cars