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Ran When Parked is a car-oriented video podcast hosted by ConeDodger240, KurtJMac, and ZeeKay. The hosts view and discuss online car ads they find interesting, amusing, or otherwise noteworthy. The show launched on YouTube on April 11, 2019 and releases every other week at 2:00 PM ET on Cone's YouTube channel.


Ran When Parked

The show leads off with the eponymous segment "Ran When Parked". Each featured ad is for a car that "ran when parked", according to the seller. Ads in this segment tend to feature cars that are at least 30 years old and are broken down, decaying, or otherwise in very poor condition.

I'd Make That Mistake

The second segment features ads from each host that are "mistakes" they each would make; that is, cars they would purchase and restore or maintain if they had the means to do so.

Mildly Interesting

"Mildly Interesting" features cars that the hosts are not overly excited about but also do not dislike.

Best Ad

The final segment is the "best" ad of the week, highlighting ads for unusual cars, often heavily modified in extreme ways. Ads in this category are not limited to cars and may also include lawn mowers, tractors, commercial vehicles, and vehicles converted into immobile objects, such as furniture.

Viewers may vote for the best ad via the link included in each episode's video description. The winner is revealed in the following episode at the start of the segment.

Recurring Segments


Guests are occasionally invited to talk about their personal car history. In addition to talking about themselves, their careers, and their cars, guests may also be invited to select car ads and participate in one or more regular segments.

Project Updates

Though not a formal segment, the hosts of the show may take time to discuss the state of their fleets and provide updates on current projects.

Theme Segments/Episodes

Selected ads may be chosen to fit a particular theme. The hosts do not always follow the theme or claim to have not received the memo. Like Project Updates, this is not a formal segment.

Former Segments

I Know What I Have

Ads come from sellers who "know what I have", often asking for prices or trades far above the perceived normal for that vehicle.

Personal Quests

Each host presents an ad for a car that they strongly desire, a "holy grail" car.

Lesscubes's Automotive Cubism of the Week

Community member and contributor Lesscubes provides a brief monologue on a facet of cars and the automotive industry that he finds disturbing, distasteful, or otherwise undesireable.